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EuroJackpot is the exciting pan-European lottery offering lottery fans the chance to play for a minimum jackpot of €10 million and which can reach as high as €90 million. The weekly EuroJackpot draws are every Friday. With 12 prize divisions and amazing odds, EuroJackpot attracts fans from Europe and across the globe. Match the five main numbers and the two additional Euro balls to win EuroJackpot's incredible jackpot prize! Enter the next EuroJackpot draw at WLS4YOU right now! Lottery

How to Play EuroJackpot Lottery

Play EuroJackpot online with your selection of five main numbers from 1-50, and two additional Euro balls from a separate guess range of 1-10. Select your numbers with quick pick, or make your selection manually. When you buy official lottery tickets online at WLS4YOU, we scan a copy of your ticket to your account before the draw take placeEuroJackpot draws take place on Friday nights in Helsinki, Finlandat 19:00 GMT.

Why playing EuroJackpot?

Seventeen countries participate in the weekly EuroJackpot, making it the biggest panEuropean lottery! The top EuroJackpot prize is capped at 90 million. When the cap is reached, the excess prize money rolls down to winning tickets in the next highest of the lotterys 12 prize divisions.

The following countries participate in the weekly EuroJackpot draws: Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

How to win?

Match all five main numbers and both additional Euro balls and you will be a stunning EuroJackpot winner! Play the EuroJackpot online for a onetimebet or choose more draws to increase your overall chance of winning the jackpot. The top EuroJackpot jackpot has reached its cap three times. The latest cap was in the draw on 6 January 2017 winning by 5 tickets splitting a 90 million jackpot.

Prize money

Win any of EuroJackpots 12 prizes, and WLS4YOU will any prize up to $2,500 transfer directly into your secured WLS4YOU account after the EuroJackpot results are broadcasted EuroJackpots top four prizes, worth between four and eight figures, may need to be collected in the country where your EuroJackpot lottery ticket was purchased.


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