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Florida Lotto is one of the most popular state lotteries in the US, with a history of impressive jackpots and record jackpot of $106 million. The Florida Lotto takes place twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday and offers four exciting prize categories! Buy Florida Lotto tickets with WLS4YOU to win this sunshine state lottery prize! Lottery

How to Play Florida Lottery

Buy official Florida Lotto tickets online by selecting six numbers from a guess range of 1-53. Choose your winning numbers manually or via the quick pick option. World Lottery Services 4YOU offers lottery players a Ticket Service and posts a scan of your official lottery tickets online to your private secured WLS4YOU account before the relevant draw.

This sunshine state lottery is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday at 23:15 EST, and the popular American state lottery has four great prize divisions!

Can I Play Florida Lotto from Outside the US?

Yes, you can! Florida Lotto tickets are available at any Florida Lottery retail location. The service of WLS4YOU makes tickets available worldwide. WLS4YOU local agents buy official lottery tickets on your behalf from inside the US, and with our Ticket Service, you will see a scan of any and all Florida Lotto tickets you buy in your account before the draw takes place.

How to Claim Lottery Prizes

Win online with World Lottery Services 4YOU and receive winnings of up to $2,500 straight into your secured WLS4YOU account soon after Florida Lotto results are broadcasted; larger prizes may require you to collect them in person in Florida. Florida Lotto jackpot winners have the choice to receive a cash lump sum payment, or to receive annuity payments over 30 years. NonUS residentswinnings are subject to taxes of 30%.

Prize money

Florida Lottos jackpot starts at $2 or $3 million and holds a record jackpot of $106,000,000 that has stood since September 1990. To win the jackpot in Floridas top lottery, simply match all six numbers selected in a given nights draw or win one of the lotterys three secondary prizes. All prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the applicable draw date. Dont worry. Our system including our live support team will inform players of any and all lottery wins so you dont have to worry about missing the deadline!


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