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SuperEnalotto is the Italian lottery that has distributed some of Europe’s biggest jackpots! From its head office AAMS in Rome the lottery draws winning numbers three times a week: every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 19:00 GMT, awarding players millions in Italian lotto prize money. Buy your SuperEnalotto lottery tickets online, and play Italy's favorite lottery for the chance at becoming the next millionaire in line! Lottery

How to Play the SuperEna Lotto

Buy SuperEnalotto lottery tickets online with your choice of six lucky numbers from a selection of 1-90. Choose your lucky numbers with quick pick, or make your selection manually. See a scan of your official Italian lotto ticket in your account before the draw takes place in your private WLS4YOUs account.

The Italian lottery offers six generous prize divisions for you to win. Select one draw or choose multiple draws to increase your chances to win.

What is the Jolly Number?

SuperEnalotto has six prize categories! Every Italian lottery uses the Jolly ball, a bonus number that decrees the 5+1 prize, drawn alongside the main winning numbers. The Jolly number is not required to win the jackpot but can help boost wins with exciting secondary prizes.

How to win?

Select your six lucky numbers from 1-90 and become rich and happy with an Italian lottery jackpot!

SuperEnalotto has a minimum jackpot worth 1,300,000, which reached 177.8 million in October 2010 after close to nine months of rollovers. On 25 February 2017, the SuperEnalotto jackpot was won when one single lucky ticket matched the six lucky numbers and won an amazing jackpot prize of 93,720,843.46.

How to Claim Lottery Prizes

Winnings worth up to US$2,500 are transferred directly into your secured WLS4YOU account soon after the results are broadcasted, bigger prizes may require personal collection in Italy. Prizes up to 100 are tax free; prizes above that amount will be taxed by the Italian government up to 6% of the wins.

An extra way to win is through Vincita Immediata! If any of your numbers match all four of the magic squareQuadrato magiconumbers printed on the ticket, you instantly win 25 Euro! This is additional to any prizes won in the draw. If you win, this prize will be transferred directly to your secured WLS4YOU account.


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